We are excited to finally provide answers to the frequent questions or concerns that the public have pertaining to the Petroleum Fund as well as the petroleum sector. Therefore, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is aimed at providing answers to the FAQs:

  • Petroleum products that Lesotho imports are:
    1. Petrol93
    2. Petrol95
    3. Diesel50
    4. Illuminating Paraffin
  • Petrol and diesel are used to fuel vehicles and for power generation.
  • Illuminating Paraffin is used for domestic purposes such as cooking and lighting.
  • Lesotho does not have national storage facilities but individual Oil Companies have their own storage facilities.
  • However, a Feasibility Study on the Construction of a National Strategic Fuel Storage Facility has been concluded, and once all bureaucratic considerations have been made, Lesotho like other countries, shall have its own Storage Facility, with two regional (North and South) depots, to anticipate periods of crises.

In the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) region, the formula that is used is the Basic Fuel Price which is an import parity mechanism that is based on international refineries of the Middle East, Europe and Singapore.