Fuel Price Adjustments – Thursday, 07, May 2020

Maseru – The Petroleum Fund Secretariat wishes to inform the public that the prices of petroleum products will be adjusted effective from Friday, May 08, 2020. The pump prices of  both grades of petrol (petrol 93 and petrol 95) will be decreased by one Loti and ten(M1.10) lisente per litre, the pump price of diesel 50 will be decreased by one Loti and eighty (M1.80) lisente per litre, the wholesale price of the illuminating paraffin will also be decreased by one Loti and ninety five (M1.95) lisente per litre. 

The new Retail Prices for all the districts of Lesotho shall be as follows:

Petrol 93                                   M 8.20 per litre

Petrol 95                                   M 8.30 per litre

Diesel 50                                   M 9.10 per litre

Domestic Paraffin (Wholesale)   M   3.90 per litre

The Petroleum Fund wishes to appeal to all Retailers to charge proper prices because it is illegal to charge prices that are different from the gazetted ones. This appeal comes from the past observations that some retailers  have continued to charge prices that are above those set, and any retailer who will be found to be charging prices in contravention of these newly set prices, shall be prosecuted accordingly. The public is further made aware that there is a toll free number to which any non-compliance can be reported and this number is 80022004. 

Copies of this “Press Release” can be obtained from the Petroleum Fund Secretariat office at LCCI Building, Orpen Road, Old Europa, Maseru and local radio stations.