Appointment of New Executive Secretary for the Petroleum Fund

The Minister of Finance has, in terms of Section 13(1) of the Lesotho Petroleum Fund Regulations 2009, appointed Mr. Thato Mohasoa as the Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Fund, with effect from 1st May 2019, for a term of five years. This decision is informed by the recommendation of the Board of Directors which found Mr. Mohasoa to be the most suitable candidate for the job,
following an open recruitment process.

Mr. Mohasoa brings with him a solid senior management experience, and a track record of transformative leadership, and turning around institutions. He possesses many years of combined experience and professional expertise in corporate leadership, management and administration, public policy, strategic planning, and corporate communication. He has worked closely, at leadership,
advisory and support levels, with the Prime Minister, government ministers, central bank governors, corporate executives, experts and consultants, as well as business executives.

He currently also serves as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Road Fund, where he has championed initiatives around domestic resources mobilization to enhance revenue collection for the institution, and has also served as a Member of the Board of the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC). Prior to these, he was the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defence and National Security, where he worked as chief advisor to the Prime-Minister, in his capacity as Minister of Defence, on all defence, peace and national security policy-related matters. He joined Defence from the Ministry of Tourism Environment and Culture, where he was also Principal Secretary. At Tourism, he made successful attempts at turning around a previously moribund Lesotho’s tourism sector. This was accomplished through development of public-private partnership transactions, which saw a number of government-owned tourism facilities being divested to the private sector, thereby stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

Before joining the Lesotho Government, he worked at the Central Bank of Lesotho. By the time of his departure from the Bank, he was acting as Chief of Public Relations. In this capacity, he functioned as the key communications-wide advisor, spokesperson and lead stakeholder manager for the Bank, working closely with the office of its Governor. He was also chiefly responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Bank’s Strategic Plan. Prior to his engagement with the Bank, he had also served as Senior Customs Officer at the now-defunct Department of Customs and Excise, part of what became the Lesotho Revenue Authority, where he functioned mainly as executive assistant to the then Director.

He graduated with a BA (Public Administration and Demography) qualification from the National University of Lesotho (NUL), and obtained a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications from the University of the Free-State in South-Africa; as well as an executive Management Development Programme (MDP) qualification from the University of the Free-State Business School.